Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to PCMC for Chemo

After 3 months of staying home, we made the trek to Primary's once again.  Austin was checked in, weighed and measured.  He weighed 42.5 kg--down 1.5 kg from last month.  He was not feeling good and just laid down on the table.  He has had some problems with nausea and vomiting once in awhile.  This seems to be more when he hasn't eaten in awhile.  So since he has to be fasting for his sedation his stomach was really bothering him.  (We later found out his glucose was 54 so no wonder he felt so bad!)  Poor kid.

Feeling crummy

Saying hello to Elliot

Dr. Eldridge
Getting his port accessed

Getting Chemotherapy (Vincristine)

 Austin's port was accessed without any problem and his labs were drawn.  His ANC was 1800, Platelets 209, and Hct 37.7(!!!)  These are all great so we headed to the sedation room for his lumbar puncture.  Everything went smoothly and he was soon sitting up and asking for fruit loops.  Finally the smile appeared and he was soon laughing with the nurses.    

Off to sleepy land

Getting his lumbar puncture

Waking up

Fruit loops makes everything better

Laughing with his nurse
 So we are free from traveling to Salt Lake for another 3 months.  Austin will continue to take his daily oral chemo pills.  They increased his 6mp because his ANC was a little higher than they want it.  They want it between 750-1000 and will adjust his chemo until it gets there.  Austin is also back on steroids for the next week so that will be fun!  (Quick!  Hide the food!)

A handful of pills--gotta love his cute face

13 1/2 pills

Friday, July 5, 2013

Disneyland, the beach, and Angels Baseball

Summer fun wouldn't be complete without a trip to Disneyland, the beach, and an Angels Baseball game.  We loaded all 6 kids into 2 cars and made the 6 hour drive to Anaheim.  The kids are good travelers, other than Austin getting carsick.  He gets carsick often since being on chemo.  We are well equipped with puke bags so we don't let it slow us down.  We got to the hotel and headed for the pool.

Fun in the pool
Photo bomb courtesy of Shaylyn
The next day we headed for Disneyland.  It was hot and crowded, but we had so much fun.  The kids got all their favorite rides in.  
Splash Mountain baby!

beating the heat

relaxing in the shade with ice cream treats
sorting seashells

Playing in the waves

building sand castles
Several weeks before we went to California, Kevin contacted one of the Angels Baseball player's, Albert Pujols's, foundation to see if it would be possible to meet Pujols.   They were gracious enough to let Kevin and Austin in for batting practice where he not only met Pujols, but several other players as well.  They signed baseballs and took pictures with Austin and Kevin.  Austin gave each of the players one of his orange "Team Austin" wristbands and was excited to see them wear them.  They got to watch 2 hours of batting practice with the Angels as well as the visiting team, the Cardinals.  It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are so grateful to the Pujols Foundation for putting it together.
At the Angels baseball stadium

Meeting Albert Pujols.  Pujols will be in the Baseball Hall of Fame someday.

Meeting Allstar, Mike Trout

Meeting Josh Hamilton--note Austin's wristband on Hamilton's wrist

Meeting Mark Trumbo

Batting practice
Meeting Coach Mike Scioscia

 The rest of us met up with Kevin and Austin for the game.  We had great seats right behind centerfield.  We were excited to see that Mike Trout, the Centerfielder, was still wearing Austin's wristband.  In fact, he has continued to wear it in every game since that night, including during the Allstar game.  Now that is cool!!!  What a great guy!  

Mike Trout wearing Austin's orange wristband
 We had a fun vacation and made lots of great memories.  Austin has continued to feel great and have lots of energy.  I worried about him in the heat and sun, but we put on tons of sunscreen and he wore a hat and carried a water fan with him.  He complained that his feet hurt, but so did the rest of us!  I am so happy to see him feeling good and enjoying life as a "normal" boy.  Besides his nightly pills, there is little to let you know that he has cancer.  Oh and bonus---check out all that hair!