Saturday, March 29, 2014

Going bald (again)

Austin's chemo dose was increased last month so as a result his hair has been falling out again. He won't be totally bald like before but he has some bald spots. I really resisted shaving the rest off until Austin started complaining about being itchy from the hair all over him. So I gave in and shaved the rest off. It makes me so sad to see him bald again because it's a constant reminder of the battle that he is fighting. Fortunately, Austin always finds the silver lining and his response to my sadness was: "Well look how easy it is to comb my hair now!"  You win Buddy, you win.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pokes pokes and more pokes

Our March trip to Primary's didn't go as we hoped. Once again we had to use TPA to get his port to draw back blood.  So frustrating. When it came time for Austin's lumbar puncture they were unable to get the needle in the right place.  They poked his back 4 times without success. It may be because he has gained some weight, because they couldn't position him right, or it may have just been bad luck.  Whatever the case, we have to come back back again in a month.  I was beyond frustrated with the whole trip. Poor Austin was so bruised and then not happy about another poke so soon.  He is resilient though and I think his bruises on his back with heal faster than the ones on my heart.  His smile continues through the pain, ever the warrior that he is.