Friday, April 11, 2014

Trying for the LP again

It was only a month since the last visit and poke but we made the trip to Primary's again. Once again the port wouldn't work without TPA. We are really getting tired of it because it adds hours of waiting around for the TPA to work so they can draw blood. Finally they were successful so we headed to the RTU for Austin's lumbar puncture. Because the last time was so difficult they wanted to have Austin go back to the RTU where they can use heavier sedation. Austin was not at all happy about this because he hates waking up in the recovery room.  Mom and Dad hate it because it takes so much longer and makes Austin more sick.  The LP was successful so we headed out.  We went to lunch and Austin seemed to feel fine and eat without a problem but as soon as he finished he had to run to the bathroom to throw up.  He came back and said, "ok I'm ready for desert!"  I told him he acts like a pregnant woman. He was not amused.