Monday, November 12, 2012

Go Team!

Austin has had a good week.  Last weeks Chemo didn't slow him down.  He has felt good and has had lots of energy.  He got his appetite back too since we stopped the 6mp.  After last weeks fiasco, I was dreading the day when we had to do Chemo again.  Fortunately, everything went much smoother this time around.  I have to give a big shout out to "Team Austin" as I like to call everyone that is involved in his care.  This weeks team consisted of:
1. The Home Health Nurse that came to our house, accessed Austin's port and drew labs.
2. The nurse at the Oncology Clinic that reviewed Austin's blood work and called me to talk about Austin's treatment and the plan for the day.
3. The Nurse/Care Manager at Red Rock Pediatrics that is my liaison between our Pediatrician and the Oncologists at Primary's.  She is sets everything in motion for the day.  Did I mention she is amazing?
4.  Our incredible Pediatrician--love love love him!  He assessed Austin and made sure he is well enough for treatment.  He reviews the labs and orders the Chemo.
5.  The Pharmacist that receives the Chemo orders and sends the Chemotherapy to the Pediatrics floor.
6.  The Nurse on the Pediatrics floor that administers the Chemotherapy.  

All of these amazing people had a part in Austin's treatment today.  Yes I know it is "just" their job, but it is very obvious that they go out of our way to make all this chaos as easy as possible for us.  They genuinely care about Austin and want to help him get better.  Kevin and I  have a unique view because we are not only Austin's mom and dad, but we are also an employees of the same company that is treating him and these amazing people are also Kevin's and my co-workers.   We are proud to know them and work with them. So thanks Team Austin!! We love you guys!
Getting his port accessed and labs drawn by the Home Health Nurse

Have I grown?

Vital signs taken

Waiting to be seen by the Pediatrician 

Love his smile!

My silly boy

Getting checked by the Pediatrician

Ready to go!  Chemo time!

Just chilling

Getting hooked up

Watching TV and getting Chemo

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