Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Dentist, Snow, and a Haircut

 A trip to the dentist...such a simple thing for most kids, but when you have cancer it becomes a much more complicated event.  If your immune system isn't working properly, the simple teeth cleaning can cause an infection that would be hard to fight off.  Because of this, we had to have Austin's blood work checked again.  So the day before his appointment, the home health nurse came back and accessed Austin's port and drew the necessary blood.  Thankfully, his ANC was 2000, platelets 250, and Hematocrit was 32.  This is more than enough for the dentist.  Just in case though, the Oncologist ordered a preventative dose of Amoxocillin in case any nasty bugs decided to get in Austin's bloodstream.  I will never again complain about going to the dentist.

Getting his Teeth Cleaned

Waiting for their turn to see the Dentist.  

 The visit went well.  No cavities!!  The Dentist did pull out a very loose tooth that Austin has been wiggling for a while.  No fun but maybe the Tooth Fairy will bring something extra for all the trouble.

After the excitement (and pain) of the dentist, I decided we needed a little fun.  It's just a few days until Christmas and I know that the chances of having a white Christmas in St George are basically none, so we decided to go find some snow to play in.  We drove about a half hour North to Pine Valley, a beautiful little town in the mountains.  It was full of beautiful white snow that was new.  The kids had fun running around in it.

Looking good!

Making a snow angel

Jaxon didn't really know what to think of the snow.

Austin's hair grew back a little from the last time that we buzzed it, but it grew back in very fine and wispy.   Recently, it began to fall out again and it wanted to stand straight up all the time.  So we decided it was time to buzz it off again.  My sweet little boy's bald head is so heartbreakingly cute!


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