Friday, April 12, 2013

Finishing Interim Maintenance

Austin has felt good this week.  No more fevers of unknown origin.  He had fun playing the violin and dancing and singing in his third grade Spring performance.  He is a very charismatic guy and loves the performing arts part of his school.  

 Austin's ANC was 1600 this week so we headed back to the Peds floor at Dixie for Austin's last round of chemo for this phase.  Austin was actually excited to go this time because he had a plan for attacking Child Life Specialist, Michael.  Michael got Austin several months ago with silly string.  Since then, Austin has been thinking of getting even.  He received some silly string in his Easter basket a couple weeks ago and knew just how he wanted to use it.

 Austin hid the silly string under his blanket and when Michael came in to say hello, he attacked!  Poor Michael got the entire can of silly string on his head.  Austin just laughed and laughed. Thanks Michael for taking it!  Of course now Austin is worried that Michael will get even, but that's the risk you take when you start war!

Chemo time

So now we are officially done with Interim Maintenance 2.  Wahooo!  Austin now gets two weeks off before starting the long awaited Maintenance phase.  

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