Friday, August 23, 2013

Sad Feet

One morning out of the blue, Austin's feet started bothering him.  The skin on his toes and balls of his feet are sloughing off creating red, angry wounds.  In addition, the cuticles around his toes are sloughing off and becoming infected.  To top it off, he has a nasty, painful rash on his hands.  I have been really worried because its a great way to get a nasty infection.  He was started on an oral antibiotic (Keflex) and we checked his counts again.  His ANC was only 800 and Platelets 142 so the Oncologist decided to hold his oral Chemo for two weeks and recheck his counts then.  I went to the wound clinic at the hospital where I work and they gave me some special foam to put on his feet and some bandages to cover it up.  When I got done wrapping his toes he was left with two colorful ice cream cone feet.  It didn't do much to help his feet heal, but it was funny and entertaining to take pictures of my handiwork.  He probably thinks his Mom has lost her mind.  

Ice cream cone feet

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