Monday, December 2, 2013

Checkup and more TPA

Another checkup with Dr. Marsden.  Austin is doing well and feeling good.  No illness to report.  Unfortunately, the home health once again was not able to get Austin's port to draw back blood.  So after the checkup we headed to the Peds floor for TPA.  Dumb port.  I hate it when it doesn't work right.  I know this is "norma", but I still worry and worry about what it's doing inside his body.  I hate that it is so close to his heart.  After about an hour of TPA, the nurse was able to get blood.  The labs were sent off and we went home.

My silly boy...playing around while waiting for Dr. Marsden

Trying to get the port to work

Just because you are in the hospital doesn't mean you get out of doing your homework!

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