Thursday, August 30, 2012


Going For a Walk
Thursday morning Austin had energy and was in a great mood so we decided to take a little walk and explore the hospital.  We found this cute bear in the gift shop and Austin named him "Chubby".  We found the playroom and Austin had fun playing foosball and beating his mom at Sonic Cart.  Austin has to wear a mask when he leaves the ICS floor so he doesn't catch any germs from anyone else.  It is hot and uncomfortable and he doesn't like it but I think he makes him look pretty cool.  I told him he may have to be a doctor when he grows up just so he can wear the mask all the time!  

Chubby the Bear
In the Playroom
In Front of the ICS Unit
 Austin received some balloons and a bag of goodies from some of Dad's co-workers.  The outpouring of love and support has just been amazing.  I guess it takes something as horrible as Cancer to realize how much we are loved.  Friends, family, co-workers, even people that we don't know have sent love, prayers, and well wishes.  I know everyone wants to do something, but just knowing that much love is coming Austin's way really makes a difference and is just awesome.  I hope Austin can feel all that love and be strengthened during the difficult days and weeks ahead.

Enjoying some gifts
We were moved to a new room on the Oncology floor to prepare for Austin's surgery.  It was such a long day waiting for Austin's turn in the Operating Room.  He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything and by the afternoon, he was starving.  

The long walk to the OR
So finally about 5 pm it was Austin's turn.  We walked down with him to the Operating Room, kissed him goodbye, and watched our healthy, happy kid disappear behind the doors. They did a lumbar puncture and took spinal fluid, drew bone marrow from his pelivs, and placed his "port", a long term central IV that will be used to draw labs and give him his chemotherapy. We had to wait an hour and a half before I was allowed back in the recovery room to see Austin.  He was very sleepy but wasn't in much pain.  When I saw my sweet boy with the newly place IV port in his chest, reality came crashing down around me. Kevin and I walked behind his bed on the way back to his room and I bawled like a baby the whole way.  I'm not sure why that moment finally brought the flood of grief and tears, I guess it made me finally accept what we are up against. 
With his Nurse After Surgery

After Surgery, Still Sleepy

I hated to see him laying in the bed like that.  I felt like the leukemia had finally reared it's ugly head and pronounced it's ownership on my little boy.  It was a very emotional night for me and I admit that once the fountain of tears started, it was hard to turn it off.  The texts and facebook comments of love and support poured in.  You are so loved Austin!!!  So many people are praying for you and thinking of you.  Any one of us would take this horrible thing away from you if we could!  I hate feeling so helpless and unable to fix this!

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