Friday, October 5, 2012

Starting Consolidation

Getting checked by the Nurse Practitioner
The last couple of days Austin has been saying that his leg hurts.  It seems to be progressively worse and today he didn't want to walk on it at all.  From what I can tell the pain is muscle cramping like a charley horse and extremely painful.  We told the Nurse Practitioner about this pain and her concern was that it could be a blood clot.  She measured his legs and the one with pain measured slightly larger than the other. 
 So off we went to Ultrasound to check for a blood clot.  Austin got a kick out of the "goo" that was slathered all over his leg by the Ultrasound Tech.  The Radiologist came in and looked at the pictures and thankfully no clot was seen.  The conclusion was that it was a muscle cramp, though why it is only in one leg is a mystery.
Getting an Ultrasound to check for a blood clot
Then we were sent to the Rapid Treatment Unit or RTU for Austin's Lumbar Puncture and Chemo.  The Child Life Specialist brought in an Ipad for Austin to pass the time.  While we were waiting for his Chemo dose to arrive, Austin played "fruit ninja" while the Anesthesiologists cheered him on.  
Tired after his treatment
Austin got his Lumbar Puncture and Chemotherapy and we headed back to Orem to Grandma's house. He was wiped out and didn't feel well the rest of the day, something that we are finding is the trend after the sedation and Chemo.  He had a low grade fever that gave me a scare for a couple hours, but it settled down and we were able to return to St George.  His leg continues to bother him and I hope it will get better soon.  

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