Saturday, September 29, 2012

Curesearch Walk

Today was a very emotional day for us. We attended the Curesearch Walk in Salt Lake. Curesearch is a foundation that raises money for Pediatric cancer research. We want to support this cause that we have been forced to be a part of so we got up early and drove to Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake. Why did I think that this was a good idea? Obviously I like a challenge! Austin had chemo the day before and two days before I had surgery (see I like a challenge), so we both were not feeling good. I was in pain and Austin was tired. As we were walking across the lawn to get to the pavilion, Austin stepped in a hole and twisted his ankle. Really?! Did we just need one more thing? Do we have targets on our backs?
We finally got to the pavilion, Austin limping, after the event had already started and tried to find a place for Austin to sit for a second.
Such a sweet boy, he has a smile despite feeling miserable
We heard some of the ceremony but I was so emotional and tired that I mostly cried through the whole thing. An especially emotional moment was when they released white balloons for the kids that have died from cancer. That was hard, there were so many.
They had all the kids that are currently battling cancer go up on the stage and receive a medal and have their pictures taken. You can see from the picture how stressed I am and how not-excited Austin is to be there. I just can't believe that we are a part of this. I can't understand why any of these precious children have to go through this.
Austin couldn't take part in the actual walk so we wandered around a little, had a popsicle and the kids got their faces painted.
Kevin walked with the others and took a picture next to Austin's picture along the route.
So it was a tough morning. I hope we can contribute more to this cause in the future because they really do make a difference.  Hopefully a year from now, things will be better and we will be able to look beyond ourselves to help others, because the need is so great.

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