Saturday, September 1, 2012

A tough day

Cammie-one of Austin's great nurses.  She is once again, checking vitals.
Today was probably our toughest day yet.  Austin's blood pressure was elevated and his heart rate was low--in the 40's and 50's.  This could be a reaction to the medicine he has been given or his heart could be trying to catch up after the blood transfusion was given yesterday.  Either way, Austin had to be monitored with telemetry--this monitors his heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturations.  He was given an EKG which showed some changes in the way his heart was working.  After several hours of watching him close, it was decided that he didn't need any intervention and that we could just continue to watch him.  The excitement started at 5 am so Austin didn't get much sleep. After being poked and prodded and just bugged constantly, Austin was done with everyone.  He has been so patient and put up with so much so I think he was entitled to a meltdown.  FINALLY he was able to take a short nap. I really hate that all this is happening and he can't understand why or understand that everything everyone is doing is to help him.  All he sees is an endless parade of people that keep asking him questions, taking his vital signs over and over (he hates the blood pressure cuff), and wanting him to do things he doesn't want to do (like his mom asking him over and over if he wants to eat or drink) 

Taking a much needed nap with Chubby the Bear

Drawing blood cultures.  The nurse and Austin have to wear masks to prevent a line infection.
Unfortunately, when Austin woke up from his nap and I helped him to the bathroom, I noticed that he felt hot.  His temperature was 103.5.  So back came the circus with blood cultures, frequent vital signs, and IV antibiotics.  The doctor came and assessed him but couldn't find an obvious reason for the fever.    Austin was given tylenol but continued to feel crappy (duh!  I would too with such a high fever!).  He complained that his jaw hurt and his port site was bothering him.  They gave him some oxycodone for pain and FINALLY he was able to relax and feel better.  After such a long day I thought Austin would be exhausted and go right to sleep but when he finally felt better, he was ready to play.  If you have ever talked to Austin, you know he is very intelligent and loves to learn.  Oh, and he likes to talk!  I sat on his bed at 11:00 at night and we talked about spiders and how they make webs, the intestines and how you make poop, the planets and how venus is so hot, and about his teachers and school.  What we didn't talk about was Leukemia.  I specifically avoided talking about his illness or what was going on around him.  Just for a moment I wanted him to be a normal boy, just curious about poop.  :)  He went to sleep with a smile, and I lay on my chair-turned-bed, and thanked my Heavenly Father for such a special little boy and for the opportunity to be his Mommy.  

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