Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Chilling

Austin has had a good week so far.  He has had some random annoyances like stomach pain, tingling in his fingers and joint pain in his fingers.  This are all side effects of the chemotherapy that he is getting.  He gets tired quickly but his spirits are good for the most part.  The steroids he is taking have kicked in and he is hungry all the time.  My challenge is going to be getting anything besides carbs in him.  He hasn't been fond of much with protein or color.   He has been planning his birthday cake, something all the kids do each year.  I won't tell yet what he has planned, but it's going to be awesome!  
Chilling with Hershey and Mickey.  Hershey always knows when one of the kids doesn't feel good.  He follows them around and sleeps outside their bedroom door.  Mickey on the other hand just has his spot on the couch picked out and refuses to move.

Hanging out in the park.  It's nice to get out of the house now that the weather isn't so hot.  It's more fun because Austin doesn't have to wear the mask the whole time.

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