Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm Hungry!

 Austin has had a good week.  He received more chemotherapy at Dixie on Friday.  It should be the last dose before we move on to the next phase of treatment.  Accessing Austin's port went much better this week so we were able to relieve some anxiety about that.  His labs dropped a little but not too bad.  Overall, we are really pleased about how well he is doing and the small number of side effects he is having.  The biggest side effect is from the steroids that he is taking.  He is eating--a lot.  They make him hungry ALL the time.  He even wakes up in the middle of the night to eat.  They also make him grumpy, tired, have muscle pain and difficulty sleeping at night.  It's been very rough on his body.  He has gained about 16 pounds in just a couple weeks and most of this weight is in his face and chest.  I hardly recognize him but we joke about it and I pinch those wonderful chubby cheeks and love them all the more.  We are told this is temporary and he will lose the weight when he stops taking the steroids.  
Getting More Chemotherapy

Passing the time while getting Chemo

These steroids make me hungry!

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