Friday, September 7, 2012

Oncology Clinic

Today was our first official visit to the Oncology Clinic at Primary's.  I admit it was hard to walk back in those doors after only being gone a couple of days.  Austin didn't understand why he had to go back and didn't love the waiting and waiting that comes with the territory.  He was weighed and measured, vital signs taken, labs drawn, and Chemo given.  

Can you tell he just loves having his blood pressure taken?

Getting Chemotherapy
Because Austin had to be sedated for his lumbar puncture, he wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight.  The procedure was scheduled for 12:15.  We were told that the steroids that Austin is taking will make him moody and hungry all the time, but we were shocked at the hungry monster that came out as we were waiting for them to call his name.  He started out as just grumpy but by 2:00 he was in full blown meltdown mode.  He even made Kevin and I promise that we wouldn't go get lunch without him while he was asleep.  For some reason he got it in his head that he wanted Wendy's chicken nuggets and nothing else.  Even right after his procedure he refused cookies and other snacks and insisted on going to Wendy's.  Kevin and I tried to be serious and not laugh, but it was kind of funny.  Hey, sometimes you have to laugh at the small things to avoid crying at everything!  He got his chicken and the smile came back.

Sipping a slushy after his Lumbar Puncture

It's ok Austin, we understand and we forgive you!  

The best news that came out of our visit was that his labs looked good so we were given the ok to return to St. George for 2 weeks.  We are so excited to get to sleep in our own beds and try to return to a normal routine for a while.

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