Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Germ Warfare

Today was Austin's day to chill out and enjoy not being bugged every 5 minutes by someone coming to assess him, take his vital signs, or ask him how he feels.  At least it would have been his day to do this if only his anxious mommy could relax and leave him alone.  I feel like a can see the germs inching their way towards my boy, laughing their devilish laugh as they prepare to invade his body and make him sick.  So yes, I admit to some annoying habits like saying:"wash your hands!"for the thousandth time, feeling his head over and over in case he has a fever, and obsessively sanitizing everything in sight.  It's amazing how much you take for granted when you are running around with a normal immune system.  I watched Jaxon run from toy to toy, putting all kinds of things in his mouth and was amazed that he isn't sick all the time.  Our bodies fight off thousands of germs every day and we don't even blink, yet any of those could make Austin really sick.  Will I ever be able to relax again?  Sigh...ok I'm off to bleach something. 
Austin's Pharmacy
Giving Austin his antibiotics through his port

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