Friday, January 25, 2013

Low ANC and no school

Today we were supposed to go to Salt Lake to start the 2nd part of Delayed Intensification.  Austin's ANC has to be at least 750 and platelets 75,000 to start the next phase.  Austin's blood work hasn't been low since he was diagnosed back in August.  So we were surprised when his ANC today was 400.  Now we get a week off from chemo and Austin has to stay home from school so he doesn't get sick.  We weren't very sad about not traveling because the weather in Salt Lake has been nasty, but it still means being delayed a week and extending all this nonsense another week. Oh well.  We will enjoy the week off.  Austin is feeling good right now so we will enjoy that while it lasts.
Doing homework and having his temperature checked
 for the thousandth time.  Austin says I worry too much.

getting blood drawn

No school means hanging out with the 2 year old

Watching TV with Jaxon

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