Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back to Dixie

Round 2 of Chemo.  Thankfully, we were back to Dixie for this time (that's Dixie Regional Medical Center for all you non-St. George people).  We had a slight hiccup when the Home Health nurse was unable to get Austin's port accessed.  After two attempts, Austin wouldn't let her try again so we headed to the Peds floor to let them access his port and draw the CBC.  We have to know the results to verify that his blood counts are high enough for Chemo.  Austin's ANC was awesome at 2200 so we went across town to see Dr. Walker for a checkup.
Getting labs drawn

Silly face

Getting his wart burned off

Austin's checkup went well.  He had to have his wart on his foot burned off again.  No fun.  We got the ok for Chemotherapy and headed back across town to the Peds floor.  Austin got some chocolate cake to help him pass the time.

Chocolate cake and Chemo

So the day was long, but we got through it.  We kept Austin's port accessed so I could give him some nausea meds and a fluid bolus the next day.  He has done well the last two rounds without too much misery.  I am constantly awed and amazed by this sweet boy.  He hasn't let his cancer take over his life, but treats it more like just an annoyance, something that has to be dealt with but doesn't stop him from keeping up with school, playing with friends, and just being a kid.   He tolerates all this nonsense with very little complaining.  He is such an example to me and it is truly an honor to be around him.

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