Thursday, September 26, 2013

Austin get his wish!

Austin has been so excited to hear about his wish being granted from Make a Wish.  Austin made his wish several months ago to go to Walt Disney World.  His "wish grantors" came over to our house and helped Austin make it official.  Since then they have been leaving little goodies on our front porch about once a week "teasing" Austin without telling him if he really got his wish.  At the same time, Make a Wish called me and asked if they could use Austin's picture for their campaign with Lin's Market here in St. George.  When one of our friends let us know they saw Austin's picture at Lin's, we had to go check it out.

 Austin was surprised and amazed at the huge number of stars on the wall spelling out his name and hanging from the ceiling, each one representing someone that donated money to Make a Wish.  Austin had his picture taken with the manager of the store and was treated like a celebrity.  It was so fun!  The employees were excited to meet Austin and put a real kid with the posters and the story.

Finally after weeks of teasing Austin, his wish grantors, Heather and her son, Colby came to our house and sent Austin on a scavenger hunt to get his wish granted.  They didn't know it, but this was one of the best ways they could have announced this to Austin because he loves puzzles and treasure hunts.  So off we went on the hunt, stopping at 3 different places until we ended up at Lin's market for the big party.  

Recognizing the Lin's employees that helped raise money for Make A Wish

 With a cake, balloons, and lots of cheering, they announced that Austin would receive his wish to go to Disney World.  He had the biggest smile on his face!

Cake time!

So let the fun begin!  We are so excited to go.  A huge thanks to Make A Wish for granting Austin's wish and for Heather and Colby and Lin's for making it happen.

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